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Four pounds… foooour pounds as if two pounds wasn’t bad enough. we’re talking two three hundred boxes of sinus pills there ain’t that many Smurfs in the world. So no sudo? So you do have a plan! Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!

Yo… it’s appointment only! Jeez, you look like… Lex Luthor. I got two dudes turned into raspberry slushy and flushed down my toilet. I can’t even take a proper dump in there. I mean the whole damn house has gotta be haunted by now.

You didn’t actually see Tuco? You got this money from Tuco? Tuco gave you this is what you’re saying? You made a deal? How… why would you make a deal with that scumbag? You see what he did to me? No way man, okay, no understanding! Without even talking to me, you told this… insane ass-clown, dead-eyed killer, that uh… that we would give him two pounds a week?